I Am So Angry! #HurricaneMatthew #NCFlooding #RedCross

I never do this, but I can’t help myself this Sunday morning, October 9, 2016. I AM ANGRY!

Yesterday, a downgraded (Cat 2 / Cat 1) Hurricane Matthew slammed North Carolina (my home). This morning, my heart is breaking as I watch the coverage on The Weather Channel of people who obeyed the mandatory evacuation orders, had evacuated low-lying areas before the hurricane hit, NOW BEING EVACUATED from the inland hotels where they sought safety and shelter, because those areas are now flooded.

Seven people have died in NC in the past 24 hours due to this storm. WHERE IS THE MEDIA???? Jim Cantore and The Weather Channel seem to be the only “national” media covering this story. There have been HUNDREDS of water rescues in eastern NC in the past 24 hours.

Of course, it’s not nearly as exciting or dramatic for reporters to watch rivers/waterways rise as it is to stand on a beach with waves crashing behind them, especially in well-known, tourist-driven areas that everyone knows by name.

NC’s greatest danger now is flooding of the many rivers that criss-cross the low-lying eastern part of our state, many of which won’t crest (2-3 feet above flood stage) before Monday or Tuesday. Hundreds of homes are under water, with many more threatened with the fresh-water flooding to come.

If you want to help, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

As in Louisiana several weeks ago, people have lost EVERYTHING.
Also, as in the Louisiana floods, these people in my home state will be the forgotten victims of Hurricane Matthew.

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The American Red Cross Eastern North Carolina Chapter is a non-profit humanitarian organization that provides disaster relief and helps people during…